What to expect

Worship starts at 10:15 on Sunday mornings in the DeSoto Theatre (530 Broad St).  We offer coffee and muffins at 10:00 in the Seven Hills Building (538 Broad St), adjacent to the DeSoto.  We welcome you to come as you are.  You’ll find some folks dressed in jeans, others in a dress or a suit; we hope that you will feel welcomed no matter how you are dressed.  Instead of using printed bulletins, we project the liturgy, song lyrics and sermon notes on a screen.  If you are interested in learning more about church events and opportunities, be sure to fill out a connection card.


Our music is informed by a mix of ancient hymns and modern songs in a folk style. Musicians volunteer their time and talents to lead the congregation in corporate singing. It is our hope that music and the fuller liturgy at Seven Hills celebrates the timeless truths and practices of the gospel for our community in Rome.  Contact David Slade for more information (davidfslade@gmail.com).


Give us a call at 706-530-1630 or email Katie at katief@sevenhillsfellowship.com

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