Membership Process

1. Attend Curious, our Sunday afternoon information session offered several times a year. This step is optional, but highly recommended if you are new to the church.

2. Complete the Member Information Form (one for each adult) and the Membership Statement (one per household). Links to these forms are below, and hard copies are available on request:

3. Meet with Bryan Pierce or another elder to share your testimony. This is a chance for us to hear your story and get to know you a bit better. Any of the elders below can help you with this step, just shoot them an email and let them know you’d like to meet.

Bryan Pierce:

Jeff Mahoney:

David Slade:

Ryan Stanger:

Patrick Matson:

Jeremy Marshall:

4. Officially join the church during worship. We have several Sundays a year designated for welcoming new members. Just let Joy know you’d like to complete this last step, and we’ll get you scheduled. The membership questions you’ll be asked are the same questions on the member statement form.

Questions? Contact Joy (, cell 704-830-4577)

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