We have Bible studies and community groups which meet in members’ homes, the Seven Hills Building, and local restaurants. Contact Aly Slade for more information (Aly@sevenhillsfellowship.com).


Doug & Julie Bowling
Community Group
Community Group
Sundays at 5 pm
Location: Bowling’s Home (Mountain Campus, Berry College / 1st house on the left)
Contact: Julie at juliebowling1989@gmail.com 706-266-3672
Callaways & Bergins
20's & 30's Community Group
20's & 30's Community Group
Wednesdays at 6:00pm
Location: 7HF Building
Contact: Chase at chase.b.callaway@gmail.com 706-802-7032
Ryan & Caroline Stanger
Career Adults Community Group
Career Adults Community Group
Thursdays at 7pm
Location: 7HF Great Room
Contact: Ryan at ryanstanger@yahoo.com
Andy & Katie Edwards
Early Career Community Group
Early Career Community Group
Mondays at 6pm
Location: Edwards Home (110 Westmore Rd, Rome, GA 30165)
Contact: Katie at 678-446-6266
Busy Ladies Study
Community Group
Busy Ladies Study
Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 6:45pm, Contact: Emily Matson at 706-766-5435 or Katie Mahoney at 404-593-5333.
Location: 7HF Great Room.
Nobles & Burns
Older Couples & Singles Community Group
Older Couples & Singles Community Group
Sunday at 6pm
Location: Swift and Finch, (600 Broad Street)
Contact: Randy at rgnobles@gmail.com
David & Aly Slade
Mid-Couples Community Group
Mid-Couples Community Group
Wednesdays at 6pm
Location: Seven Hills Building
Contact: David Slade (706-528-2190) or Aly Slade (706-409-0838).
Ladies Study
Beginning Oct. 1
Ladies Study
Sundays @ 6-8pm
Location: Briggs House, 2148 Martha Berry Hwy, Rome, GA 20165.
Contact: Brenda at bbriggs@berry.edu or 609-977-8188.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Community Groups meet?

Each group is free to meet at the time that fits their needs. Many groups are choosing to meet on Sunday evening or Wednesday evening in order to utilize childcare that will be available at the 7HF building.

Groups will usually meet in the evening sometime between the hours of 5:30-8:00.

Groups will meet for eight-week periods during the Fall, Winter, and Spring, taking the Summer off.

What will happen in a Community Group?

Light refreshments, life sharing, study & discussion, prayer, and time to hang out after the meeting. The goal is to build a strong sense of community as we grow together in friendship and spiritual maturity.

What about my kids?

Ultimately childcare is the responsibility of each parent. However, we want to support you as much as possible. Therefore, we will be providing childcare at the church, upstairs, on both Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Where will they meet?

Community Groups will be meeting throughout the Rome area. A number of them are seeking to locate near the church to utilize childcare.