All of our children’s ministry and program takes place in the Seven Hills Building, beside the DeSoto Theatre at 538 Broad Street.

Nursery (10 Weeks – 2 Years)

Nursery begins at 10 am for our little ones.  We strive to create a safe and educational environment for even the smallest of children. Babies and toddlers will hear truth through music and from their teachers. These truths are reinforced in the 7H Nursery: God made all things, God is good, God is our Father, and Jesus came to save us.


7H Kids (Pre-K – 5th Grades)

7H Kids who are in our Pre-K classroom can be dropped off beginning at 10 am.  Kindergarten through 5thgrades are dismissed from the service. We have two programs offered throughout the year for our kids.  We use the Dwell Curriculum.  Then every fourth Sunday of the month children attend God’s Theater.  Please see descriptions for each of these opportunities below.



DWELL children’s ministry and Sunday school curriculum actively engages kids in God’s story using interactive games, reflective wondering, dramatic storytelling, and a whole lot of fun. Colorful story symbols create visual timelines; songs with kid appeal help memory verses stick; and wonderfully illustrated take-home pieces provide support to families. Through it all, DWELL invites kids to find their place in God’s story, living into and out of it for the rest of their lives.


God’s Theater

God’s Theater is a time when children experience God’s Word through theater. Creativity and play foster a love for Jesus.  This time offers children the opportunity to hear the stories in the Bible. They experience what it may have felt like for the historical figures who were there. Grades Pre-K through Fifth sing, dance and act their way through the Gospel.


Children of all ages are welcome in the service if this is what your family chooses. A great tool is found at the following link sermon notes for kids so that your child can take sermon notes.


Please contact Joanna Fife at if you have questions regarding Nursery, 7H Kids, or would like to volunteer.  All volunteers are required to complete a background check paid for by Seven Hills Fellowship and complete training.

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