The General Session

Seven Hills Fellowship


Purpose:  Purpose clarifies the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘WHY’ of the General Session.

Although members of the General Session may serve as Ministry Leaders or Elder Management Team members, the primary goal of the members of the General Session is to SHEPHERD the flock of Seven Hills Fellowship by leading, feeding and protecting the individuals and families under their care primarily through the vehicle of Connection Groups.

Activities:  Activities seek to clarify the duties of the General Session. 

While gathered together the General Session will spend time taking part in the following activities:

1.  Feeding upon the Word of God.  In order for the members of the General Session to feed others, they must be fed themselves. (I Tim. 3:2)

2.  Praying with and for one another and the people of Seven Hills Fellowship.  We must not forget that prayer is one of the primary duties of the Elder.  (Acts 6:4) 

3.  Leading and Protecting Seven Hills Fellowship.  The General Session will hear reports from the EMT on issues regarding the direction of Seven Hills Fellowship, pastoral care concerns and shepherding issues.

While dispersed, the General Session will spend time in some but not all of the following activities:

1.  Protecting the people.  (Acts. 20:28-31, Titus 1:9) Elders are called to protect the flock from false teachers, from gossip and slander, and from themselves!

2.  Feeding the people.  (2 Tim. 4:2)  Elders are called to teach the people of Seven Hills Fellowship the Word of God.

3.  Leading the people.  (I Peter 5:1-2)  Elders are called to lead those under their care by steering them towards the Gospel, to prayer and the word of God, and by steering them to lives that honor themselves and God.

4.  Praying with and visiting the people.  (James 5:14)  Elders are called to care for those who are suffering physically, spiritually or emotionally.

5.  Serving the people.  Elders of 7HF will serve either by leading a ministry, serving on the EMT and/or shepherding the people of 7HF primarily through the vehicle of Connection Groups.

Values:  Values clarify the ‘HOW’ of the behavior, heart and spirit of the General Session.

1.  Humility – The gospel reminds us that we have blind spots, idols and brokenness deeper than we’ll ever know.  So be HUMBLE!

2.  Bravery –  The gospel reminds us that we are loved by God and empowered by God to lead 7HF in spite of our brokenness.  So be BRAVE!

3.  Mutual Submission – God has called us as a body of equals with different gifts and passions to jointly establish the direction of 7HF.  So be SUBMISSIVE!

4.  Loyalty – Be a Band of Brothers.  Publicly support the decisions of the EMT and have one another’s back even when challenging one another. So, be LOYAL!

5.  Patience – The growth and health of 7HF is a marathon not a sprint.  So, be PATIENT!

6.  Reverence – This is God’s church and God’s flock and we are stewards entrusted to feed, lead and protect HIS sheep.  So, be REVERENT!

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